Prof. Yajing Shen will Give a Lecture about Small robotics for biomedical engineering

博士,香港城市大学生物医学工程系副教授Yajing SHEN,受张明明老师邀请,将于2021年3月16日上午10点-11点30分在会议室中心402会议室开展线下报告,题目为:Small robotics for biomedical engineering。


Dr. Yajing Shen received the PhD degree in 2012 and he is currently working as an Associate Professor in Dept, of Biomedical Engineering at City University of Hong Kong. He is a Senior Member of IEEE. an Executive member of China Micro-nano Robotic Society,and the Associate Editor of IEEE Trans on Robotics. Dr. Yajing’ s mainly research interest is small/bioinspired robotics, intelligent systems and their applications in biomedical engineering. He has published ~100 peer reviewed journal/conference, including the top multidisciplinary journal (e.g., Science Robotics, Nature Communications), top specialized journal (e.g.. IEEE Trans on Robotics), top international conference (e.g., ICRA, IROS), with widely reported by international media, e.g.. Associated Press, Thomson Reuters, etc. Dr. Yajing has received serval academic awards, including the Best Manipulation Paper Award in IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in 2011, the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Japan Chapter Young Award in 2011, the Early Career Awards of Hong Kong UGC in 2014. and the Big-on-Small Award at MARSS 2018. He also received the “National Excellent Young Scientist Fund(Hong Kong & Macau)”for the topic“ micro/nano robot”in 2019.


Micro/nano robots have attracted extensive interest in biomedical engineering owing to their great potentials to work inside the body for diagnosis, drug delivery, minimally invasive surgery, and so on. In this talk, I’ d like to share my ideas on the design and application of the small robot for biomedical applications. This talk will start from a brief review on the development of micro/nano robotics followed by the trade-off and challenges to apply them in biomedical engineering. Then, I will introduce some potential solutions/efforts to address these existing challenges by giving some examples in our Lab, including the swimming microrobot, walking robot and so on. I’ d also like to share my own perspective on robotics and intelligence in biomedical engineering and discuss with the audiences.