Research Progress in the Performance-based Iterative Learning Control Strategy for Task-oriented Rehabilitation was Reported by IEEE TCDS

Our postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Miao Qing proposed a performance-based iterative learning control strategy for task-oriented rehabilitation in IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems (IF = 2.667). This method could be used for robot-assisted upper limb training, which can adaptively and rapidly convergent to subject-specific training difficulty levels for maximizing active participation of the patients.

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Research Progress in the Field of Servo Motor Drive Control Reported by IEEE TIE

Our postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Li Ping proposed an active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) method by combining 2-DOF internal model control (IMC) rules and linear extended state observer (LSO) in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (IF = 7.503). This method could be used for motion control of servo motor drive system with network communication delay, which significantly improves the control accuracy of servo system under parameter uncertainty and external disturbance.

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Research on the direction of flexible Rehabilitation Exoskeleton on-demand assistance strategy reported by IEEE TASE

2019级博士研究生钟斌在机器人工程领域旗舰期刊 – IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering(IF=5.293)上发表最新研究成果,该研究提出了一种基于滑模控制策略的下肢外骨骼关节位置及柔性同步控制算法,适用于人造气动肌肉驱动的康复设备,实现了按需辅助的柔顺控制提升了康复的效果。

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