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Brain-Robot Rehabilitation Technology Lab


Welcome to Brain-Robot Rehabilitation Technology Lab. Our lab aims at using robots, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and other technical methods to develop an accurate, real-time closed-loop, life task-oriented neural rehabilitation system.

Our lab is led by Prof. Mingming Zhang, who is a PI, Associate Researcher and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, SUSTech. Now, there are 2 doctors, 6 doctoral students, 8 master students, and 2 research assistants in our lab.

At present, our team has carried out research in the fields of (1) physical human-robot interaction, (2) brain-computer interfaces for neural rehabilitation, and (3) wearable robotics for rehabilitation and enhancement.

Research Areas

Physical Human-Robot Interaction

Brain-Computer Interfaces for Neural Rehabilitation

Wearable Robotics for Rehabilitation and Enhancement



香港中文大学机械与自动化工程学系教授、博导张立,将于2023年11月22日上午10点-11点在腾讯会议(会议号:220 417 360),为我们带来线上报告,报告内容为:软物质构建微型软体机器人。 摘要:

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2022年南方科技大学机器人交互技术及医工应用高端系列论坛在主办单位南方科技大学的大力支持下将于2022年1月11-13日以腾讯会议的方式开展。本次专题在线论坛的组织架构为4位荣誉主席、13位指导委员会成员、2位组委会秘书、1位执行主席。 其中,张明明助理教授作为执行主席主持本次论坛。

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